Homemade Pregnancy Test – Best Techniques

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in any woman’s life. During this period, women go through lots of physical, mental and hormonal changes. Some of these changes and symptoms like nausea, food craving or food repugnance can lead to the detection of pregnancy. But to make 100% sure the presence of fertilized egg in the womb of woman there are lots of tests. Every woman wants that she must be the one who confirm it rather than any random physician or gynecologist. Yes, doctors have the most reliable knowledge and hi-tech tools to test the pregnancy but there are some useful homemade pregnancy tests that can help women to confirm their homemade pregnancy test.

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Homemade Pregnancy Test

Among lots of things that fertilized egg can changes in a woman, urine is one of them. The urine test is the best homemade pregnancy test because urine is easy to collect and observe. In this method, you have to collect urine in any transparent bowl or glass. Leave the glass for almost 4 hours, after that a white layer will be formed on the surface which indicates that you are pregnant. If there is no white colored film on the surface then either you made a mistake in taking a test or its was a false alarm. While taking this test make sure that the bowl or glass must be clean and crystal clear because you also have to observe the layer from outside and contaminated glass can lead to a wrong result. It is better to buy a new glass as they are not too expensive.

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Methods for homemade pregnancy test


  • Another very efficient homemade pregnancy test using urine is the toothpaste examination. In this technique, you will require two things; white toothpaste and your urine sample. It is better to collect the sample early in the morning. Add few drops on toothpaste; use a cleansed dropper for this purpose. After some time, the white toothpaste become bubbly or its color will change to blue. If both things do not happen then you are not pregnant. You can use this sample of urine with bleach too. For this test add some bleach, you can use both bleaching liquid and powder. After few minutes, bubbles will start appearing on the surface and you would hear the hissing sound. If the solution does not able to make the foam then it is unfortunate for you. Although every house has beaches but if you don’t have one then any need to worry because soap solution can also work for this homemade pregnancy test. To complete this test first of all take small pieces of any soap and solve them in water. Make sure to use filtered water for this purpose.
  • Let the soap solution to get settle and then mix your urine sample in it. After some time, if bubbling does not happen then you have to give it another try if you know what I mean. Also keep it in mind that this procedure is not as reliable as a bleach technique but still it can help the women in urgency.
  • Vinegar is another household product which can be used to test pregnancy. Take a quarter cup of vinegar and mix it with tuna juice in equal amount. Leave the solution for the whole night at room temperature. In the morning take a fresh sample of your urine and add it to the vinegar solution. If the color of the solution turns dark green then it’s a visible proof of your pregnancy. Some chemicals can also be used for confirmation of pregnancy. Tylenol and peroxide are such chemical compounds. Add these chemicals in your urine and wait for the color to turn blue. If it does then you are pregnant. This test is also be categorized as homemade pregnancy test because these drugs are easily available and there is no special skills are required to check the results. Since the basic symptom that leads women to this kind of tests is the delay in menstruation. Mustard powder is the best way to get back these menstruation cycles on a normal routine. Mix two cups of mustard powder in normal sized bathtub; you can vary the amount according to the size of tube you are using. Soak yourself in the tub for 20 to 25 minutes. After this get a warm bath and wait for your period to come back within a day or two. If still your period is not coming back within a week or two then it’s good news for you.

How to get best results via homemade pregnancy test

To get a most reliable result, you can use pine solution. It is a very high-quality indicator for pregnancy confirmation and it is also easily available from household suppliers. The procedure for this test is same; all you must do is adding the pine solution in the fresh urine sample. The tricky part of this test is that you have to note the color of a solution and it is better to write it on paper because now we are not looking for any specific color change. After 10 to 15 minutes, if the solution changes its color to any other color or any other shade of same color then it’s the time to throw a party. Keep in mind that all these tests are helpful only when you use fresh sample and clean pots. There are some sticks also available in the market to check early pregnancy. You can cross-check their results for personal satisfaction. The time of taking these tests is also very crucial. Actually almost all of these homemade pregnancy tests work by detecting the special hormones which woman’s body starts producing right after the fertilization of the egg. Initially, the amount of these hormones is not very high which may lead to negative results. It is recommended to take these tests few days after or before the missing periods and take the test several times with the gap of a day or two. If you are experiencing fatigue, nausea and missing periods but still your test is showing negative results even after checking for several days then it is time to consult an experienced gynecologist or obstetrician.