All About Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Missed period negative pregnancy test

If women are having  a normal menstrual cycle every month, but she is not having periods for more than normal time than it is assumed that she is pregnant, but it is not true always because there are some other reasons behind it. Sometimes upon testing level test is not accurate due to certain circumstances.

Missed period negative pregnancy test

Missed period negative pregnancy test – features

  1. Irrigation of hormones:

If the level of hormones is not stable menstruation may not occur. Some doctors advised to take birth control pill which helps to regulate the level of hormones in the body and thus will aid ovary and uterus to perform its function regularly. But if you want to continue it with a normal way than try to take healthy diet, try to eliminate stress from your life. For further information, consult a doctor that will better help you to increase hormonal level and normally regulate the menstrual cycle. Occasionally missed period negative pregnancy test brain may produce hormones in excess which may cause hindrance in menstrual cycle excess of these hormones stimulate  the brain and hormone stimulators to work for them this sort of problem is treated with proper treatment which slowly stimulate body to do normal functions.

  1. Problem in glands:

Sometimes glands may also interrupt the normal cycle like the thyroid gland. These problems might increase your weight very immediately that you became very bulky with lots of hairs on skin and extreme tiredness.

  1. Peri menopause

Menopause is   basically stopping of the  menstrual cycle due to some certain reasons in younger women this might be causing  missed period negative pregnancy test. If you are not having periods for successive three months, then it might be a chance that peri menopause occurs, it will not let ovulation as a result menstrual cycle won’t occur. This will let you be in stress condition.

It is a deduction obtained from the experts that home pregnancy test might be wrong due certain circumstances and criteria. Level of hormones in body are not considered to be correct always as some times level of hormones in women who is pregnant is  low because implantation may not occurs at that time so giving you negative  pregnancy test. That’s why doctors always mention to do pregnancy test after one week of the time when your regular periods have to occur because hormonal level will be accurate at that time and will gave you exact result. But if after such a long wait your test is still negative than it I true that you are not pregnant because hormonal level after such long time will always be high if you are pregnant. At that time delay in menstruation might be due to certain conditions like stress, medically not well or hormones or gland imbalance etc.   So missed period negative pregnancy test is always not a sign of being pregnant it might be indication some problems in you so that you might cure them and get rid of it urgently so in future you do not  have to face any sort of problem in your life .


Emma Ava