All about Negative pregnancy test

Negative pregnancy test

Negativepregnancy test is actually indication for one that she is not conceiving baby this time. Those who try to conceive this test would be a heart breaking news and those who are avoiding conceiving it would be a pleasing result.

Negative pregnancy test

Reasons for negative pregnancy test:

Know All about Negative pregnancy test

  • Wrong time:

For accurate result many test needs 10 days’ time period after ovulation and some test tells after conception.

  • Testing early:

If you are testing it earlier than time your body starts secretions of different hormones. Possibility is you are pregnant but your body is not releasing hormones.  Our body needs time to enhance hormones from normal level. Might be enough fluid is not taken before testing as a result dilute level of hormones will be present which can’t be detected . In short, early in the morning is best time for testing

  • Fail to follow instructions:

Follow the instructions given so that test will be accurate. If you forget time given to check the result it will gave you false test. If let the test to sit for long time it will surely gave invalid result.

  • Chance you are not conceiving:

If you are not getting positive test it means that you are not conceiving. Test might be true and you might have a misconception.

  • Variation in time of ovulation:

If you don’t have regular cycle i.e. delayed in ovulation will lead to delayed in release of hormones so result will be negative test.

  • Miscalculation of your periods:

Another reason of negative test is miscalculation of periods, when you forget date of last periods. Sperms can interact with egg and you may conceive so it would be better to have tested again.

  • High dose hook effect

This occurs rarely when sample to be tested is diluted making device to fail to pick level of hormone. Reason might be dilute testing chemicals; hormones might be different from normal i.e. abnormality in hormones.

Know how to do Homemade Pregnancy Test


Negative test might be

  • False negative
  • False positive

In fact false negative are more common than positive ones.

For accurate testing contact your doctor to have an unreliable test or you might purchase more sensitive test from pharmaceutical store. You might wait for few days   so level of hormones may increase. Negative test is indication of not conceiving so visit your doctor to get rid of your problem as soon as might be hormonal problem which your doctor can end by giving you some medicines needed by your body for the production of specific hormone or any other cause which is resulting in pregnancy test.

Problems leading to negative test:

Problems regarding having negative pregnancy test but still not having periods may include delayed ovulation which will ultimately effect menstrual cycle. Other reasons might be

  • Stopping or starting the consumption of birth control methods
  • Taking too much stress
  • Changes in daily diet
  • Irregular monthly cycles i.e. menstrual cycle
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of sleep
  • Change in hormonal levels
  • Illness
  • Medication
  • Menopause
  • Weight issues
  • Thyroid problems


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