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Cloudy Urine Pregnancy And Its Facts

Cloudy urine Pregnancy

Cloudy urine pregnancy is the indication for most of the diseases therefore any problem occur the person get alarm that what happened to them. Urine exists as a wonderful gauge. As we know that the urine color is a powerful indicator not only the color but the smell and the consistency also plays an important […]

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Pregnancy after vasectomy is possible to achieve

pregnancy after vasectomy

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant after vasectomy.  It is considered that vasectomy is one of the effective methods to avoid pregnancy. It is effective and safer way to prevent from conception with the rate of 1/1000 after first year of vasectomy. On the other hand it is disclosed through research that chances of […]

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False Positive Pregnancy Test

false positive pregnancy test

Most of the women’s opt for the home pregnancy test and then they start assumption according to their perceptions. In the pregnancy test if you get the two lines you assume that you are pregnant. The plus signs usually depend upon the brand and the type of the test. After Appling all the methods of […]

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How to get rid of Spotting during early Pregnancy?

spotting during early pregnancy

It is very usual that numerous pregnant women have to faces potted in early pregnancy. If you are facing it, then you are not the only one about 20% of the ladies complaining that they have the issue of light bleeding or minor spotting during the initial weeks of pregnancy. The bleeding flow is usually […]

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Are you facing Period Symptoms But No Period?

period symptoms but no period

Yes it is quite common that women are facing the situation of cramps or period symptoms but no period. There are many causes of this cramping without bleeding. Almost all women have to face the PMS cramps before periods near their dates. The intensity of these cramps is different in all women. These symptoms are […]

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