Can you get pregnant on birth control?

can you get pregnant on birth control


Birth control pills were first introduced and launched around 1960’s and soon after it was launched, they became popular and became one of the most famous contraception means. These birth control medications are taken by all women from all around the world and especially in the United States. By the correct, proper and timely use of this pill can give 99% desired results and could be really effective in avoiding pregnancy. But, those women who are using these birth control pills irregularly for them there are chances that they can conceive and get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on birth control

What if you are using the pills from a long time?

Moreover, doctors and researchers also say that a woman can also get pregnant if she is using these pills from a long period such as, for years. Pills are considered as one of the effective methods. Which give almost satisfying and ensuring results of shunning pregnancy. But, these medications can only give successful and desired results if they are being taken regularly and on time. If you are skipping your dose of birth control pills then there are high chances that you would get pregnant and conceive right after an intercourse. So if you are wondering over the question that can you get pregnant and need pills to control this then the answer to this question is yes if you are not taking the pills regularly.

When can you get Pregnant while taking Birth Control?

It takes about half an hour for any medicine to get absorbed in your blood through the liver and exert its effect. Similarly, birth control pills require the same amount of time to show its effects and exert its contraceptive effects. There is a possibility that you can get pregnant over the birth control if you had sex right after you have taken birth control pill and they did not get the chance to get absorbed in your blood and show its effects. There are also chances of you getting pregnant if you had severe diarrhea. Having a diarrhea is okay but you might have to take another birth control pill immediately, otherwise you will also wonder that can you get pregnant over the birth can you get pregnant on birth control? If the situation arises that you happened to be pregnant and kept on taking these tablets than the question arises that can these pills affect the baby in a bad way? But there is no need to worry about because according to the Mayo Clinic, there are very minimum chances that these medications show any effect on the fetus or impair any hormones. However, as soon as you get to know about your pregnancy, you should consult your doctor on the immediate basis.

Odds of conceiving while taking Birth Control Pills:

Can you get pregnant on birth control medications are usually taken for the purpose to avoid the chances of getting pregnant during intercourse . However, there are chances that women can get pregnant while taking the pills, as medical science is still not able to give 100% surety regarding this fact. However, one is fortunate if these pills are still working for her effectively and accurately. Moreover, there are also couples in this world those are trying to have a baby but unable to conceive. So it can be said that in this uncertain world there is nothing certain.

Possible reasons of causing pregnancy while birth control:

The chances of avoiding the pregnancy also depend upon your medication dosage and attitude. A variety of tablets and medicines are available in the market for this purpose. People are using them so that, they can have sex casually without any tension of conceiving. Another factor which can let you ask this question of can you get pregnant over, can you get pregnant on birth control is of the human error. The researchers have indicated that the authentic chances of conceiving pregnancy while taking pills are relatively minimum, but these different and diverse medicines have different result and their results can vary as the conditions vary from person to person and country to country. There are some diseases and factors due to which these pills might not show the desired results. So, before selecting any medicine for yourself, make sure it is safe and what is public opinion about the medicine.

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