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The Ground Behind The Cramping Before Periods

cramping before periods

The periods in the teenage are mostly easy for the number of the females. But it sometimes causes the serve pain. Mostly the women’s suffers from the cramping before periods that is a very annoying condition and the females feel restless. Dysmenorrhea The cramping before periods is termed to be dysmenorrhea. It is the painful […]

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Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?

Can you get pregnant while on your period

It is a very common delusion of many people that if a woman has had sex with her partner she cannot become pregnant.  However there are rare chances for a woman to get pregnant during her periods. So this clearly defines the question that can you get pregnant while on your period. Can you get […]

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Do you know Symptoms of period?

Symptoms of period

Period cramp is the obvious sign of periods but there are some other symptoms of period. It is the fact that almost all women have to face the effects of Premenstrual Syndrome to some extent during their reproductive tenure. These symptoms are very severe in some women and in some cases. These symptoms sometimes become […]

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Are you facing Period Symptoms But No Period?

period symptoms but no period

Yes it is quite common that women are facing the situation of cramps or period symptoms but no period. There are many causes of this cramping without bleeding. Almost all women have to face the PMS cramps before periods near their dates. The intensity of these cramps is different in all women. These symptoms are […]

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