False Positive Pregnancy Test

false positive pregnancy test

Most of the women’s opt for the home pregnancy test and then they start assumption according to their perceptions. In the pregnancy test if you get the two lines you assume that you are pregnant. The plus signs usually depend upon the brand and the type of the test. After Appling all the methods of the pregnancy testing at the home, you will be 99% sure about it. You will search on the internet claiming that its positive then you gets to know that its false positive test. There are many reasons why the women’s get the false positive pregnancy test they are as follow:

false positive pregnancy test

Method of false positive pregnancy test

The testing technique is if improper then it will lead towards the false positive test. Before testing especially at home you should have to read all the directions carefully. When the test results are being interrupted the home false positive pregnancy test result then your results is no longer valid. Some tests are going to produce a slight positive result if the person read it after the instructed time. So the person should have to note the time properly. It will lead to know that how much over time will lead towards the false results. The other problem that mostly occurs during the testing therefore the results should be “double checked”. Most of the women if get the negative result in 3-5 minute they recheck it. So most of the women then wait for the long duration of time which leads towards the false negative test.

On the Pregnancy Test the Evaporation Line

Some of the pregnancy test can be made at home discovered by the women having the evaporating line on it. The urine when runs across the test strip the color of the strip changes briefly which is the part of the testing process. The woman can locate the test even further than that. The color line usually determined at the time of testing. Some time you will be even able to describe that the water markers are beneficial. It may be that of the evaporating line.

Certain medication can cause the false positive test

The medicine such as the Phenothiazine mostly interferes with the test results. The woman that are getting the treatment of the luteal phase defect therapy named HCGtherapy, or any other problem relating to the fertility should must consult their doctor for the 100% accuracy of the test perform at the home . Through the blood the urine gets contaminated or that of the high level of the protein leads towards the inaccurate results mostly.

The appearance of false positive test due to certain Medical condition

After getting the positive results through the home testing method you should most consult the doctor for the proper medical care. Mostly it’s not happens there are very rare conditions in which the false positive pregnancy test results positive. Mostly the cancer problem that mostly occurs in the uterus it’s very rare termed as the Choriocarcinoma. In such cancer the HCG level gets high which leads towards the positive test. Some of the cancers related to the testicular, breast and the ovarian leads towards the false positive test.


Pregnancy test defective

False positive result occurs due to the expired strip or any fault in the false positive pregnancy test. So you should keep check on the expiration date and the type of method.


Emma Ava