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guide how much are pregnancy tests

Pregnancy tests are the first requirement when you miss periods. It is the alarm for you to check your pregnancy. Women mostly worried about the cost of these tests and do not know how much are pregnancy tests. These tests are not as much costly, and they are of different types. The costs of these tests depend on upon the nature of the test. Before discussing the rates of these tests, we have to throw light on the various types of tests that are for pregnancy confirmation. It will help you to decide which type you will decide for accuracy.

how much are pregnancy tests

Types of Pregnancy Tests:

There are two kinds of pregnancy tests.

  • Blood test
  • Urine Tests

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Blood Tests:

Blood tests mean you have to go to your doctor and sample of your blood will be taken. This blood sample is required to check the pregnancy hormone, HCG in blood. It gives the most accurate result. Blood tests are of two types to check or confirm pregnancy:

  • The presence of HCG hormone in the blood can be seen earlier than urine. These blood tests are accurate and can tell you the pregnancy time that means you have conceived about a week after evaluation.
  • The other blood test that is quantitative blood test is to check the quantity of HCG exactly in the blood. It tells the extreme accuracy of the test.

Urine Tests:

The sample of urine is required for this purpose, and the same HCG hormone is to be checked in the example. You can do the urine test in your home as well with a home pregnancy test HPT.

Home Pregnancy Tests HPT:

Home Pregnancy test is very common these days. The majority of the women prefer to do this pregnancy test at home. The significant things of these tests are that these are easily available, cheap, easy to use and understand. These can be accurate if they are used properly at the right time and in the right way. These are convenient for those women who do not know that how much are pregnancy tests.

Costs of Pregnancy Tests:

The true answer about the costs of the tests depends upon the nature of test whether it is blood, urine or home pregnancy test. The price of home pregnancy test depends on the brand as well. The other thing which type of brand and store you have selected to purchase. There are several inexpensive pregnancy tests available in stores without brands. These are available in minimum prices of 4$ to 7$ per box. The other Blood tests are little expensive because you need to go to doctors and laboratory for this purpose.

The majority of the women are interested in doing pregnancy tests at home because they find them cheap. But the accuracy of these tests is not as much confirmed because of the methodology. Sometimes it creates the confusion by showing the false negative result. It is evident that false negative results are common and usual.  It is better to consult your health care doctor, and they will better treat and guide how much are pregnancy tests.

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