How usual False Negative Pregnancy Test is!

False Negative Pregnancy Test

A False Negative Pregnancy Test is very common, and it is a usual situation. It is expected in the situation when you do your pregnancy test very early, in starting days of your missed periods. It is the probability that you will get the false result. It is the time when hormone has not developed enough in your system.

False Negative Pregnancy Test

Is Medication solution of this problem?

Some medicines that women are using for birth control, contraceptive pills and antibiotics have no effect on these pregnancy tests. Drugs that are used for fertilization or that contain the HCG can influence the home pregnancy test.

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Is it possible that the positive result can be wrong?

Now the question is if the positive result is possible or not. It is very rare and hard to happen. A false positive result is not possible. It occurs in the situation when a woman has lost her pregnancy at an early stage. It means you have lost your pregnancy soon after the attachments of fertilized egg to your uterine lining. This type of pregnancy is called biochemical pregnancy. Pregnancy can be lost after taking the drug that containing HCG. It is a misleading test.

Is it Possible that the negative result be wrong?

Yes, it is quite common that and happens many times. You may get false Negative pregnancy test when you are pregnant. But it has some situations or conditions those are discussed under.

  •   Early Test: If you are taking the test very early after missing periods, It is very difficult to find HCG in the urine. If you need to get exact results, you must have to wait for some days or min a week after missing the period. The other way to get the appropriate result you must have to take a blood test to your health care.
  •  Checking Results: If you are checking test results sooner than it is the possibility that you will get false results. So you must have to give the proper time as per the requirement of the test.
  • Diluted Urine: It is very important for taking the true test you must have to take diluted urine. Drink a great quantity of water before applying the test. Important thing takes first morning urine because it is the most concentrated that time.

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Steps to be taken:

  1. You are getting either Positive results or false negative Pregnancy test. You must have to consult your doctor this situation.
  2. You need to have a blood test to confirm the situation because it is more accurate and consistent.
  3. If you get negative pregnancy test result don’t be panic or stressed, wait for some days and repeat it again.
  4. If you get negative results again and again and periods are not starting then you must go to your doctor. Many factors are involved in missing periods.

Sometimes this situation is putting you in stress that you have no pregnancy if you desire it. On the other hand, it will make you relaxed if you do not want to be pregnant while getting negative results. Don’t rely on the results because these are not dependable. It is very usual and happening plenty of times. You must go for the blood test or to consult your doctor.

Emma Ava