Low Progesterone Symptoms And its Figures

Low progesterone symptoms


Women are likely and more prone to have low progesterone levels and at any age and at any stage of life. Body of human being is made in such a way that it produces different kinds of hormones automatically and systematically as per its needs. Different hormones initiate the production of each other and are designed to work in a coordinated manner. So if the condition produces where balance of some hormone got disturbed than it will automatically disturb the balance of other hormones too. Hormone production is influenced and controlled by a variety of factors such as DNA, habits, daily routine, diet plan, change of environment, stress, etc.

Low progesterone symptoms

Low progesterone symptoms level

Irregular menstrual cycles:

Irregular or no menstrual cycles and short luteal phase in the menstrual cycle, development of polycystic ovaries and cramping in the body are most visible symptoms that will indicate low progesterone level.



Progesterone is the main hormone which will regulate the reproductive system of the body and helps in ensuring the pregnancy. The healthier a body is in producing the progesterone the more are the chances of getting pregnant. If you are having a difficulty in conceiving the baby than the chances are that you have a low progesterone level.


Dry and broken skin, nails and hairs:

Dry and broken skin, dry hair, split ends are all progesterone symptoms.


Despair, nervousness, mood swings:

Progesterone is also known as your mood hormone. It has the ability for stabilizing and setting the mood in the women. When you are happy it means your body has a balanced progesterone or increase progesterone level and when it is low you will experience unhappiness, anxiety and depression.


Foggy and Fatigue feelings:

If you always feel low and fatigue, if you have no or less desire to sex and if you always feel confuse and cannot remember the usual obvious thing that it is the indication that your progesterone level is quite low.


Low sugar level and Cravings for Sugar:

Usually all around the world people think that its diabetes and the low insulin level in their body that has caused them the condition of diabetes but, researchers have established that the low level of progesterone is also the cause of the diabetes and slow down the body won’t let it burn the fats and cause sugar cravings again and again.


Headaches, Joint pain, Migraine and Allergy Symptoms:

Some of the less visible and not likely to notice symptoms of the low level of progesterone are the food allergies, swelling of the body or some organs, pains in joints and headache. Usually the allergies and joint pains and headache are least likely to be caused by any kind of hormone imbalance. But low level of progesterone can cause that.


Females are necessary to have a balance between two hormones specially. They are estrogen and progesterone.  If the balance of these hormones get disturb then it will create certain problems with in the body of females. The balance between these two hormones is required to lead a healthy life, to feel better and it is also necessary for females if they want to reproduce in their life ahead. If some female has low progesterone symptoms then there is possibility that she will have certain difficulties in getting pregnant and in the conceiving process.  Low progesterone symptoms and level it may also cause problem in the monthly menstrual cycle.

The low progesterone symptoms are depression, swollen breasts, craving for the sweet dishes, mood swings, weight gain, headaches, etc.

If you think that some of these symptoms are present in you then there are chances and probability that you are also suffering from the low level of the progesterone in your body. In each month after the starting of the menstrual cycle the dominant hormone of the body is estrogen. But after the half of the menstrual cycles, progesterone hormone switches over and its levels tart increasing. Due to high level of the progesterone the process of the ovulation takes place within the body. But when the body shows and indicates that the low level is low and low-level progesterone symptoms are felt it means that estrogen is still the dominant hormone and from this point the body will face certain issues,

Emma Ava