More Ways On How To Stop Breastfeeding

how to stop breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is an essential part of motherhood but there comes a time when mothers have to stop breastfeeding. Generally, mothers are supposed to breastfeed a baby till the age of 2-years or a little more.  It takes not more than two complete days to stop breastfeeding the child, but it’s hard to do it and the mother has to strengthen up her heart in order to let the child give up on breastfeeding. There will be times especially, in the early mornings when the child can make a real big commotion to be breastfed and it is these times when mothers really have to have a heart of steel. The best way is to distract the attention of the child to something else, which the child is really fond of, it will take 2 -3 such attempts and by the next day or so your baby would be all over with the breastfeeding episode. Being patient and working ion things gradually will have best results. Getting hyper and being aggressive to the child can only ruin matters, so avoid being harsh to your baby, as its not his/her fault it’s a part of growing and it’s a stage, sooner or later your baby will come out of it. The other good way is to keep a bottle of milk ready for your baby whenever it requires being breastfed, although applying this way the mother has to be very efficient with the timing but if practiced consciously it can help you solve the matter even faster. Mothers are generally stressed out by the night and feel rather slack to take all the pre-emptive measures and that’s how they can drag over with breastfeeding for a longer time.

How To Stop Breastfeeding


The best advice is to put in some extra effort and work on the alternatives effectively, it will be more tiring initially but will have excellent results and which will be safe for both, the mother and the child. An important part of parenting, breastfeeding I a necessity for a particular time in every child’s life and it’s his/her right which should not be denied. There are certain cases when breast milk may not suit the baby’s digestive system and the pediatrician recommends a specific brand of milk for your baby, in such cases there is no need to force the child to have breast milk as sometimes, lactic acid assimilation problems can occur but which are not unusual and children suffer no growth problems because of not having breastfed milk, the doctor (Pediatrician’s) advice on such matters should be strictly followed as they know what’s the best way for your baby to get all those vitamins found in breast milk and in a constituency which does not disturb the digestion of your baby. In such a situation however, the need on how to stop breastfeeding does not arise as it only applies to those mothers who breastfeed their babies. Mothers who have babies that can’t digest their milk shouldn’t feel mortified because of this aspect and as explained above should not on any stage force their baby to have breast milk as it will only cause problems to your child’s health.

It may seem as a very critical aspect in motherhood and most new mothers may find this topic like some real big task but it’s just not the case. You have to take it as a reasonably normal thing which all mothers have been doing since mankind arrived on earth and that’s how it is. If you ask you mother, even she will tell you it’s no big deal but yes your temperament has to be taken care of and the habit has to be dealt gently and lovingly, your actions have to be careful, remember your baby comes first and any inconvenience and discomfort suffered by the baby will clearly indicate maltreatment from the mother.



It’s far simpler to be caring and gentle than to get away with your responsibilities and making it difficult for your baby to overcome with the habit. If your baby has shown no improvement with the strategies mentioned above there’s no need to panic, it’s normal as it’s one of those prime things they’ve been into since their birth and if they cannot resist it any how give them time, repeat the action after 2-3 weeks again and so on and so forth, soon they will learn how to do without it and you’ll see that difference in your baby and be the happiest mother in the whole world. Sometimes, parents start comparing their children and their learning abilities from such an early age, which is not right at all and growing out of having breast fed milk isn’t any such measure, so she must sure that how to stop breastfeeding .



Mothers and especially working mothers are conscious about such matters and want to get out fast from such responsibilities can really cause a lot of problems for themselves and their baby, the reason can be a highly demanding job that requires more on-the-job hours and lesser time to the family and especially the baby. For such mother’s it’s important to note that the birth of a child requires a life in which you can provide the maximum care for your baby, other things should be compromised as much as is possible. A baby is a full time responsibility which should not be compromised for anything else in the world as your baby comes first! Give your best time, most of your time to your baby it deserves it, it requires it and there is no one more close to you than your baby. Working women must come to terms with the fact that a baby should be their prime responsibility not an 8-hour office job, as it will not in any way help your baby except for the payment of expenses. The baby sitter at home cannot really put in all that effort in being so fair to your baby except for bathing it and changing its pampers on time, breastfeeding and ways on how to stop breastfeeding is a totally mother’s job and a mother who is gentle and caring can do the needful lovingly.



Emma Ava