Are you facing Period Symptoms But No Period?

period symptoms but no period

Yes it is quite common that women are facing the situation of cramps or period symptoms but no period. There are many causes of this cramping without bleeding. Almost all women have to face the PMS cramps before periods near their dates. The intensity of these cramps is different in all women. These symptoms are related to their physical changes as well as emotional disturbance. This condition is called PMS and it is normal and usual. If you are feeling cramps and no bleeding is there it is the matter to be concerned. Missing and having delayed periods is not a normal thing. It is the symptom of pregnancy but not all the time.

period symptoms but no period

Reasons of Period Symptoms but no period:

Pregnancy is the major cause of period cramping and no bleeding but if you are getting confirmed that you are not pregnant then these are the cause of period symptoms but no period.

  • Anxiety is the significant cause of it. If you are facing the mental disturbance or having tension then you will have to face the delay or missing periods.
  • If you are using some medications including contraceptive pills then you can face the problem.
  • Unbalanced diet can disturb your hormonal function.
  • Special kind of exercise that can disturb hormonal function is the reason.
  • Instant changes in weight either gains or loss can disturb hormonal function.
  • Lack of red cells in blood, Anemia can reduce the menstrual bleeding.
  • Polycystic ovaries use to interrupt the functions of hormone.


  • You should consult your doctor in case of hormonal disturbance, polycystic ovaries and sudden weight changes.
  • Always eat fresh food and keep your diet balanced.
  • Always do exercise to keep yourself active and fresh.
  • Try to get rid of tension and stress.
  • Avoid medication that is harmful for you.

Having period symptoms but no period is not the serious medical condition and maybe it is a temporary situation and can be handled without medication. But it should be cured and needs concern if happens again and again without pregnancy.

What are the Period Symptoms PMS:

Period symptoms appear in all women before starting bleeding and continue initial 2 or 3 days. The reason of these cramps is the development of hormones in the body. These are of two types Physical and emotional.

Physical Changes:

  • Acne appearance (Majority of the teen agers face this problem)
  • Breast swelling, enlargement and tenderness
  • Light gain of weight
  • Constipation, nausea, dizziness, laziness
  • Sleeping pattern is changed
  • A discharge from nipples when pressed
  • Pain in muscles, legs, lower part of body

Emotional Changes:

  • Mood swings
  • Irritation, anxiety and anger

Causes of Symptoms:

  • These PMS are started during luteal phase of cycle, which is the tenure from ovulation to start bleeding.
  • It is known that PMS is due to the Hormonal changes in the body, which are responsible to control the function of ovaries, brain and Pituitary glands.
  • In fact the variation of hormones affects the emergence of these symptoms. Serotonin is the hormone that is produced in brain raise the compassion of women to progesterone
  • The excretion of estrogen is the cause of bloating, weight increase and enlargement of breast. Progesterone controls this retention.


Emma Ava