Pregnancy after vasectomy is possible to achieve

pregnancy after vasectomy

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant after vasectomy.  It is considered that vasectomy is one of the effective methods to avoid pregnancy. It is effective and safer way to prevent from conception with the rate of 1/1000 after first year of vasectomy. On the other hand it is disclosed through research that chances of pregnancy after vasectomy are 99% greater than others. But the possibility is lower than others. But it is not reliable and tension free, it is highly doubtful. So be careful if you get the symptoms of pregnancy.

pregnancy after vasectomy


Introduction to Vasectomy :

Vasectomy is the surgery that is chosen by the married people as birth control. It is the method in which reproductive tubes are tied off and closed. There should not be any chance of pregnancy after closing the reproductive tubes. But this is the procedure that does not allow the sperm to approach the eggs to be fertilized. It is considered the permanent and the most secured way of birth control. It tells that after vasectomy pregnancy cannot be attained.

Pregnancy after Vasectomy :

Although vasectomy is the permanently birth control method but it is never be safe. Men who have this surgery can go for vasectomy reversal for trying and achieving pregnancy or conception. It is the procedure that controls the sperm absorption after ejaculation. It is about 50% affective and there 50% chances to have pregnancy after vasectomy. In fact only 1% couples get the pregnancy and the other are spending their life normally after the vasectomy that is increasing as the surgery is getting older. But this factor cannot be ignored.

What is Vasectomy is actually?

  • It is the method in which testicles and scrotum are wiped with an antiseptic.
  • A medicine is given to the patient to make him/her sleepy for reducing the anxiety.
  • After taking this medicine each vas deferens can be seen by touch.
  • The sensations in that area are making reduced by injecting local anesthesia.
  • Doctor cuts the vas deference tubes through an opening in to scrotum.
  • Tissues are got blocked through heat and then skin is closed through stitches.

How Pregnancy in Vasectomy is achieved :

There are three situations in which pregnancy in vasectomy is possible.

  • Having sexual intercourse without contraception by having the misunderstanding zero sperm count.
  • Recanalization
  • Error or some mistake in surgery.

Live sperm may be present in semen. These sperm can live alive there for months. It means that there is a great risk of pregnancy there. A recanalization is the situation when sperms are able to escape and they travel from one tube to other easily.The pregnancy happens right after few months of vasectomy. There are chances of live sperms in man in earlier months.  Vasectomy is quite safe and cheaper way of birth control and little precaution can make it safer. If you want to avoid of any negative situations or failure you must be careful in early months of Surgery. It is very effective way of birth control that can take you towards normal and better life. This surgery never has any effects on sperms or eggs health. You will have quite normal life after having this surgery and it does not have any side effects on your health or social life.

Emma Ava