The Ground Behind The Cramping Before Periods

cramping before periods

The periods in the teenage are mostly easy for the number of the females. But it sometimes causes the serve pain. Mostly the women’s suffers from the cramping before periods that is a very annoying condition and the females feel restless.

cramping before periods


The cramping before periods is termed to be dysmenorrhea. It is the painful sensation that the woman’s felt in the lower abdominal region. This condition can appear mostly before the menstrual cycle and sometime after the menstrual cycle. The pain scale is there it ranges between the server and the extreme and some time it is dull but seriously annoying condition. The cramps started at the time when the egg is being released from the ovaries and they travel through the fallopian tube in the downward direction. This process is termed to be the ovulation.

The cramping is divided in to two types:

  • The primary dysmenorrhea
  • The secondary dysmenorrhea

The primary dysmenorrhea

It is the most common type; it is being characterized by the area of the pain. The pain appears in the lower abdominal region and the lower back pain. The pain starts one to two days before the periods and it last for about two to four days. The best part is that there is no underlying problem that is causing the pain.

The secondary dysmenorrhea

In this you get the spasmodic pain. This pain is particularly occurs due to the medical problem such as the

  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Uterine fibroids.

What is the reason of the menstrual cramps?

The cramps causes due to the contraction of the uterus. The contraction and the relaxation of the uterus allow the blood to leave the uterus and flow outward. The specific chemicals such as the prostaglandins are being released by the lining of the uterus. This chemical increases the contraction of the uterus not just this but it also increase the intensity. The intensity increases mostly at the time when the prostaglandins level increases, and it lead towards the nausea and the dizziness.

The mild cramping during the periods is normal sign?

In the periods there is uterine contraction therefore the occurrence of the mild cramp is normal condition. The cramp like pain is due to the tightening and the relaxation of the uterus muscles. But if you are feeling server discomfort due to this problem and it is not being overcome by the medication so you must should consult the doctor, because it may be due to some of the other reasons that cause such symptoms.

When you gets the periods at first, there may be irregularity in the dates it is due to not having the proper ovulation, it may be happens for few months our may long for about few years. So at the first set of the menstrual you may not suffer from the painful condition. But after years when your hormonal systems gets mature enough at that time you become more sensitive towards the pain, and you might suffers from the sever kind of the menstrual cramps. Cramping before periods gets sever due to the hormonal imbalance as well as due to the narrowing of the fallopian tube. Therefore we must have to consult the doctor if it is getting more severe.

Are the pre-Menstrual syndrome and the Menstrual cramping same?

They are not the same, in the pre-Menstrual they symptoms that appears are the:

  • Bloating
  • Moodiness
  • Weight gain

These symptoms appear before the period’s starts, the symptoms get better with the time usually when the period starts.

In the case of the Dysmenorrhea the cramping becomes more severe when the periods starts and in usually happens in the first two days. Both of them have the different a different reason of occurrence and have different treatments.

The treatment for the menstrual cramping

There are some of the natural remedies to treat the menstrual cramping that are as follow:

  • Place the heat packs over the lower abdominal region.
  • Sopping in the warm bath, it relieve the uncomfortable cramps.
  • The other alternate solution is the acupuncture.
  • You should take healthy food in these days. Take rest and consume plenty of fluid.

The allopathic treatment for the treatment of the menstrual pain is as follow:

If you are suffering from the severe pain you should consult the health care provider. Other than that you can take the OTC medication for about 1-2 days. The OTC medication is the “anti-prostaglandins”. The mechanism of them is to block the secretion of the prostaglandins. It reliefs the discomfort and it will lighten up the bleeding. Some of the medication such as the Naproxen Sodium and the Ibuprofen are being recommended by the health care provider. These medications sometimes upset the stomach therefore you should have to take it with the food.

Emma Ava